Customer experience is at the core of our ethos. We aim to be the partners, strategists, visual composers,  and docents - always at your disposal.

So, while working with us, if we can give you a hand or a piece of advice, introduce you to other businesses, or recommend our favorite spot for Ramen, we’ll do it.

Behind The Rondeau

Sara Fadel
Sara Fadel
Visionary | Hedonist
Najla Solorzano
Najla Solorzano
Designer | Disco Queen
Leila Mafoud-Geng
Leila Mafoud-Geng
Storyteller | Iconoclast
Justice Apple
Justice Apple
Visual Composer | Rebel



It goes beyond advertising, and deep into what you can provide your customer in every digital and in-person interaction you have with them.

We utilize the latest in advertising and e-commerce technology, to provide a seamless experience that tells your story. We artfully showcase your product, services, and content, to impactfully improve your bottom line.


We focus on creating key cultural moments for purpose-driven brands. The fundamentals of our strategic approach is to bring together the art of story-telling and content creation with informed digital trends, analytics and platforms.

Being entrepreneurs and creators ourselves, we are drawn to taking the road less traveled when formulating your strategy by taking a holistic & artistic approach to your business.


We engage your community by giving them more ways to reach you, your brand and your raison d’être. Modern marketing requires your story to be told across a multitude of channels because in a global world, your customer is never in one place.

We take pride in building customized omni-channel content plan dedicated to your brand. So, no matter where your customer is or where they come from digitally they are unquestionably experiencing your brand.

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